Decentrapress is a platform born of a passion for Web3 and its technologies. At the beginning of a Web3 journey, it is easy to get lost and not know where to set foot. That is why this platform was created—to help people who want to learn more about the technologies that make the decentralized web work. The goal of Decentrapess is to become a leading authority in Web3 knowledge, servicing people ranging from beginner to expert.

Decentrapress aims to add value to the web3 community by creating content about emerging Web 3.0 technologies such as DAO, NFT, Blockchain. DeFi and the Metaverse. There will be a variety of types of articles produced, such as:

The types of articles you will find here are: 

  • Simple explainers: These types of articles are short explanations of crypto/web3 topics.
  • Full in-depth explainers: These types of articles are called “long-form” articles. They would explain every aspect of the topic and concepts related to it.
  • News articles: Short news articles about what is currently happening in the crypto/web3 world. 

The content we produce will be in these categories 

  • Tutorials (Web3 & blockchain development)
  • All things Metaverse
  • NFTs
  • Web3 concepts (DAO, DeFi)
  • Blockchain mechanics
  • Cryptocurrency & Finance
  • Governance 
  • Income generation with Web3 (making money with web3)
  • Crypto/Web3 news.

The goal is for Decentrapress to be an authority in Web3, a source of knowledge for the community and the Layman

About the Creator

Prior to his career switch to Web3, Chinonso Anyaehie worked as a Product/Graphics Designer and then as a technical writer for both Technology and Consumer Goods companies. Some of his work can be viewed on his website at https://about.nonstack.com. 

His passion for Web3 and its technologies led to the career switch. After intensive learning, a career as a Web3 Educator and community manager was born. So far I have written several articles on the DevelopersDAO. You can find these articles here