Humane Launches $699 AI Pin Wearable with Subscription, But Questions Remain


Humane has officially unveiled its AI Pin, a unique wearable device leaked earlier this year. But the innovative gadget comes with a steep $699 price tag and monthly subscription, leaving questions about its real-world usability.

The square, screenless AI Pin attaches to clothing via a magnetic clip that also serves as a swappable battery. It packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, camera, speaker and motion sensors. A built-in projector beams a display onto the user’s hand.

Gesture controls, voice commands and object scanning allow users to make calls, translate languages, get email summaries and more. The AI Pin provides unlimited access to AI models like ChatGPT for queries.

Humane aims to differentiate through tight AI integration, touting the Pin’s ability to generate convincingly human-sounding speech from text in the user’s voice. Unlimited cloud storage and a phone number with unlimited data are also included in the $24 monthly T-Mobile subscription.

But the lack of a proper screen and reliance on voice and gesture controls could prove problematic in real-world use. Publicly talking to one’s shirt to interact with the device may also deter some users.

At $699 upfront and with a recurring subscription cost, the AI Pin represents a significant financial investment for a gadget that appears to complement rather than replace a smartphone.

While the Pin is undeniably innovative, its price and practicality leave open questions. Hands-on testing will reveal whether the AI Pin’s use cases justify its premium cost and work around its limitations compared to standard smartphones.

For now, Humane is taking reservations for the AI Pin starting November 16. But interested buyers may want to weigh factors like long-term utility and public use comfort before pinning their hopes on this futuristic wearable.

Chinonso Anyaehie

Chinonso Anyaehie

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