Improving the Shopping Experience with Walmart’s GenAI Search


Walmart’s GenAI search is a new tool that uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the shopping experience for customers. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, the tool combines AI models with Walmart’s shopper data to provide more contextually relevant search results.

The GenAI search tool allows customers to search using specific use cases or scenarios, such as “a football watch party” or “help me plan a unicorn-themed birthday party. Instead of conducting multiple separate searches for individual items, customers can get a collection of relevant items for their specific need in one search. This feature is currently available to iOS users and will be rolled out to its website and Android app users later in the year.

The GenAI search tool can also account for a variety of other factors, such as location, search history, and other contextual information, to further enhance the relevance of the search results.

In addition to the GenAI search tool, Walmart is also developing other AI-powered tools to enhance the shopping experience. For example, the company is developing a tool called “Walmart InHome Replenishment,” which will automate the process of re-ordering frequently requested items. Another tool, called “My Assistant,” is currently running as a pilot in 10 Sam’s Club stores. This technology uses a combination of cameras and AI-processing technology in the exit area of stores.

Walmart’s GenAI search is part of the company’s broader strategy to leverage AI to make shopping easier and more convenient for its customers

Chinonso Anyaehie

Chinonso Anyaehie

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