Exploring DeSci: 24 DeSci DAO’s doing amazing things


Just 3 months ago, I never knew something like decentralized science existed. I got to know that something as such existed after joining VitaDAO. Meanwhile, I only joined VitaDAO because I was fascinated by their mission, which is basically funding and facilitating research in the longevity space. Anyways, I also love their branding. It’s not everyday you see a DAO giving attention to details. OK, here is the deal. The more I read on this topic, the more intrigued I become. The good thing about DeSci is that it’s an emerging technology and it is niched, which means you can easily keep up with the growth and build a career around it early. So, without much ado, I have quickly snapped www.desciafrica.com which I want to use to drive adoption and awareness of decentralized science in Africa. In layman’s terms, decentralized science is a way to make science more open and frictionless, from publishing to funding.

This will enable more scientific progress by allowing more people to participate in the scientific process. DeSci allows for a more decentralized and distributed scientific research model, making it more resistant to censorship and control by central authorities. I will go through this in greater detail in another article. I have done a thorough research online and I have outlined all the DesciDAO available, I will keep updating this list as more come out. I’m currently working on more articles about space, and I hope to cover an insane number of topics. Without much ado, here are the DAOs in the space that you should know.


AthenaDAO is the first platform dedicated to assisting female researchers with company formation, community building, and capital access in order to truly increase diversity in biotech. AthenaDAO uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to fund reproductive health care for women. Their goal is to close the funding gap in reproductive health research and access by using blockchain technology to raise capital through token sales to fund research, drug development programs, and innovations. Most of the founder of this DAO have affiliation and hold a role at VitaDAO



  1. Laura Minquini:      https://twitter.com/LauraMinquini
  2. Inês Santos Silva:   https://twitter.com/isss111
  3. Di Hu:                   https://twitter.com/dihuscientistdj
  4. Sandra Almanza:    https://twitter.com/DecentralDisco
  5. Maria Marinova:    https://twitter.com/m_marinova


VitaDAO is one of the biggest DAOs in the Decentralized Science space. VitaDAO is a DAO collective for community-governed and decentralized drug development on a mission to accelerate the research and development (R&D) in the longevity space and the extension of human life and health span. To achieve this, VitaDAO

support and fund new therapeutics and research data in the field of longevity science. In exchange, VitaDAO will directly own the intellectual property and data rights to the novel early-stage therapeutics that it supports and funds.


Link to whitepaper on the VitaDAO website for more info. 

Paid on-demand peer review services: The Longevity Decentralized Review (TLDR) and Proof of Peer Review (PoP Review) for longevity research and general biomedical research, respectively.


MedDAO is currently building a distributed medical knowledge network that will allow healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders to interact and interconnect at an exponentially higher level. These network effects have the potential to completely transform the global delivery of healthcare. MedDAO plans to achieve this by establishing a decentralized community and protocol with the primary goal of disseminating medical knowledge without the use of boundaries, barriers, or intermediaries. with the end goal of increasing the adoption and awareness of decentralized healthcare, also known as Healthcare 3.0. MedDAO was founded and funded by DecentraMed, LLC, a Wyoming LLC. The owners of DecentraMed.


Opsci DAO

Opsci is a community of open science activists, researchers, organizers, and enthusiasts who came together to work on the problems of knowledge creation such as data sharing, reproducibility, incentive alignment, coordination, and intellectual ownership. They hope to accomplish this by establishing a scientific ecosystem that breaks down data silos, coordinates collaboration, and democratizes funding, with the long-term goal of establishing a global network of automated knowledge foundries where scientists and AI collaborate to create new knowledge.



The Science DAO

The Science DAO is a decentralized think tank, incubator engine, and accelerator platform that aims to enable inventors, entrepreneurs, and institutions to collaborate and make informed investments across a broad range of technologies and life sciences.


Dr. Mark Hahnel and Aldo de Pape launched Genomes.io, a startup that secures genomic data, together in 2018. I’m a member of this DAO right now, and I adore their goals and objectives. This is most likely a result of my aspirations to pursue a Ph.D. in bioinformatics. Three groups of people can use Genomes.io’s services: members of the public, businesses, and researchers.

For the general public, they offer access to clinical quality 30x whole genome sequencing, personalized genomic reports based on the data, and secure data storage in their personal DNA Vault. With the Genomes mobile app, you can control third-party access to your DNA vault and also get paid for contributing data to research, without ever losing your privacy or giving up ownership of your genome.

For researchers (e.g., pharmaceutical or biotech companies, academia), Genomes.io offers the ability to easily query databases of high quality genomic datasets. Researchers can now leverage access to this database to better understand the causes of disease and develop new drugs. With Genome.io genomic data can be made available to researchers to supercharge medical innovation, but without compromising the privacy or ownership rights of individuals.

Finally, Genomes.io provides organizations (such as rare illness patient organizations, population sequencing efforts, and healthcare providers) with its DNA vault technology to assist in the creation of safe and participant-owned genomic databases. Genomes.io enables organizations to share participant genetic data in a responsible manner that guarantees private and transparent data access, fully informed repeat permission, and fair pay.


ResearchHub aims to create a cutting-edge mobile and web applications where individuals can collaborate on scientific research in a more effective way, similar to what GitHub has done for software engineering, ResearchHub’s mission is to quicken the pace of scientific research. Researchers can upload publications (preprint or postprint) in PDF format, summarize their research in a wiki that is attached, and then discuss their findings in a forum that is entirely open to the public and devoted to the particular article in question.

Crispr DAO

CRISPR DAO is establishing a decentralized organization to fund cutting-edge CRISPR research in order to advance potential therapies and Ag-tech solutions.




LabDAO is a group of scientists and engineers who share open tools for life science research. The mission of the community is to accelerate progress in the life sciences by making computational and wet-lab tools available to all members. LabDAO is creating an online home for scientists and inventors by bringing together accessible tools, dynamic teams, and funding sources. Members of LabDAO develop algorithms and laboratory processes for peer-to-peer exchange with community members.


  • Arye & Niklas–Building a labDAO for web3 Biotech
  • Niklas Rindtorff–Graph Based Protocols
  • UltraRare podcast episode featuring LabDAO; also here.
  • Monthly updates: summary of what happened




PsyDAO wishes to revolutionize R&D and ownership of psychedelic IP using the permissionless, trustless, decentralized, and censorship-resistant web, web3. PsyDAO is using crypto to create a decentralized and unmonopolizable future for psychedelic research. Members of the PsyDAO will be able to vote on which studies and research should be funded, which data should be shared, and how the results of these studies should be commercialized. PsyDAO utilizes new open-source models for IP tokenization, IPNFTs, and IP rights distribution, with ethical encumbrances, through fungible tokens.




DeSciWorld aims to become the communications entity to promote and expand the culture of decentralised science. It is currently Funded and directed by the DeSci WorldDAO, which will function principally as a growth treasury for the community. Although it may support proposed research grants in the community, It’s primary role is to foster peer-to-peer interactions and the community infrastructure that will allow deSci to flourish.




BioDAO is a community of biotech innovators that have a reliable funding source for the ecosystem and democratized access to talent. Given typical rates of attrition and regulatory requirements BioDAO plans to initiate 20-30  projects per year for the next five years will result in 3-5 new therapies per year in the next 6–10 years in the next 6–10 years. This rate of success will effectively double the number of life-saving therapeutics available to patients over the next 10 years.


NeuraDAO was founded with a single goal in mind, to accelerate collaborative, efficient, and democratic scientific progress for the benefit of society. NeuraDAO believe that neurotechnology is the next big emerging technology that will reach an inflection point soon, so we are concentrating our efforts on it.

Cherubs DAO

The Cherubs DAO is an NFT-owned and managed social impact investment fund with the mission of investing in causes that are important to Cherubs DAO members. 

A new Cherub NFT (a “Cherub”) is born every day and auctioned off to the highest bidder. The proceeds from Cherub sales go to the Cherubs DAO treasury.

Each Cherub has one vote on how the treasury is spent to help the Cherubs DAO mission. For the Cherubs DAO mission, seven macro causes have been identified. Climate, Crypto Advocacy, Curing Disease, Education, Inclusion & Equality, and Poverty & Hunger are among the causes listed in addition to the general “All Causes.”


FrontierDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that was founded to fund scientific and engineering research and innovation for the public good. One way they do this is by minting, collecting, and facilitating the sale of intellectual property as digital assets. This can be scientific research and engineering breakthroughs that are published as digital assets and then minted as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by the author and intellectual property holder. These are made by and for people in the aerospace, engineering, science, academic, and research fields.

Research Collective

A research collective is a network of qualified researchers who conduct experiments to test hypotheses. After that, the samples are analyzed, and the results are signed by a trusted third party. If the data is conclusive, the collective enters the knowledge market. Just moments before releasing the experiment’s data to the public The proceeds from the knowledge market are used to fund clinical research at Molecule. A token enables researchers and institutions to align incentives in order to commercialize an idea.

Telegram:  https://t.me/+hDgQ1cZ_jZQ3MDgx


ValleyDAO is an open, global community that is collectively financing and democratizing access to synthetic biology technologies in order to protect our planet’s future. Synthetic biology uses biological organisms to produce products such as animal-free meat, nutrients, clothing, fuels, fertilizers, and medicine in a sustainable manner. ValleyDAO believes that having access to these technologies will be critical in addressing the existential threats of climate change and food security.


HairDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to creating better solutions to hair loss. Their community includes researchers, engineers, content creators, and investors – all of whom contribute their own expertise towards helping us solve the problem. HairDAO operates on the Ethereum blockchain and pools capital through $HAIR, which is their native token.


There are currently thousands of unpatentable treatments and dietary factors that would never generate enough profit to cover the $1 billion cost of research. CureDAO aims to democratize clinical research. They are currently developing an open-source platform to investigate how millions of variables, such as foods, drugs, and supplements, affect human health.

  • Website: https://www.curedao.org
  • Whitepaper: https://docs.curedao.org
  • App: https://app.curedao.org
  • Studies: https://studies.curedao.org
  • GitHub: https://curedao.org/github
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/curedao

DeNature LLC

DenatureDAO is a decentralized science DAO that aims to empower STEM innovators using blockchain technology.


OpenNMN is Decentralized Biotech DAO formed to make the supplement NMN accessible and the means of production open-source and community owned.

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is the subject of current research into longevity and aging. NMN can be converted to NAD+ in our bodies, NAD+ plays a role in maintaining our DNA and modifying our epigenome.

Research is ongoing, if this compound extends and enhances human life it should be openly available to anyone who wishes to use it.


AntidoteDAO is on a mission to democratize cancer research. They claim to be the first DAO exclusively funding Cancer Research Initiatives.

Reputable DAO

Reputable enables the emergence of a decentralized precision wellness ecosystem by placing Truth front and center. Reputable empower everyone to optimize their health holistically, providing them with evidence-based, actionable and personalized betterment protocols that allow people to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Users retain ownership of their data and are incentivized to monetize it, powering up a Web3 Wellness Data Economy that can revolutionize healthcare by rebalancing its incentive mechanisms and illuminate the truth in wellness at its core.

Whitepaper: https://docs.reputable.health/product-docs/ 

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReputableDAO
  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bXaBCt4ueb
  • Telegram: https://t.me/reputable_guy
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/reputable-health/

FutureFoods DAO

Future FoodsDAO will be a flagship community on the blockchain for the alternative protein industry that funds, develops, acquires, owns, and disseminates foundational technologies to expand the sector.  It will offer an open-source ‘marketplace’ for scientists and alternative protein advocates to trade and share tools that will be used to further R&D in the sector. The combination of limited funding resources for researchers and access to research outputs locked in silos (universities, corporations, etc.) hinders development and the broader impact of key technologies and growth of the industry.  The DAO will accelerate open-source research and development while generating a self-sustaining ecosystem through an innovative revenue model.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/vCbAEKzMkJ


It wasn’t easy putting all of these together, but I did it. I’ll keep adding to the list as new information becomes available. Paying attention to Desci is essential if you work in science. The market is currently changing. Biotech has traditionally been a centralized industry, with most companies based in a few cities and staffed by in-house scientists. Decentralization is now emerging in biotech in a variety of ways: Startups are now launching outside of major metropolitan areas, sharing lab space, hiring internationally, and collaborating on research projects. Some companies are even giving up on physical lab space in favor of a “virtual biotech” model that entails outsourcing research processes. I currently part of VitaDAO and I’m amazed by how quickly they get things done. Within 10 months of its launch, VitaDAO has evaluated over 60 research proposals and financed almost two million dollars worth of research across 10 projects.

Chinonso Anyaehie

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